Policy, Journalism, and Facebook

I loved using Facebook. I was one of the early adopters of the social media platform, internationally anyhow. I remember playing "Pirates" and engaging in high-school gossip virtually. And once in a while, message someone. That's pretty much it. Now, I've stopped playing silly games online and no longer in high-school. I can remember the… Continue reading Policy, Journalism, and Facebook


Visiting Australia

I recently visited my brother in Melbourne, Australia. He studies at the University of Melbourne. I took a month long break to hang out with him and explore the area. We didn't travel far, and only took trips over the weekend, but it was an exciting trip! Here are some of the pictures from my… Continue reading Visiting Australia

The economics of too many startups

I love startups and I strongly believe that they are here to change the world. The best technology companies in the world were startups at some time. The founders strongly believe that they are making the world a better place, and investors and consumers valued it. With the cost of starting a company declining, more… Continue reading The economics of too many startups

Tesla vs Global Electric Motorcars

As part of my course at HBS, I had to write a paper discussing the disruptive innovation in electric cars ecosystem. The focus of the paper was on two players, Tesla and GEM, and see where these two companies have been successful/failed in formulating and implementing their strategies. Another aspect of the paper was to… Continue reading Tesla vs Global Electric Motorcars

Dealing with Spam Emails

My email serves as a primary means for me to get information. I must have subscribed to countless mailing lists because of my interests or career aspirations. I have 4 email apps on my iPhone (one with AI capabilities) to deal with them. This often leads to a lot of spam email cluttering my mailbox.… Continue reading Dealing with Spam Emails

Emerging Trends: Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things (IoT)? We have all heard about IoT through various sources, but it is often confusing what exactly it is. Broadly, IoT extends internet connectivity to devices outside its usual scope (desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc) to enable communication and smarter devices. These devices can be as small as dust ("smart… Continue reading Emerging Trends: Internet of Things

The age of Equity Crowdfunding

Note: These are my thoughts as a non-accredited investor. Many of the platforms I've mentioned below only allow accredited investors. What is Equity Crowdfunding? Equity Crowdfunding (EC) allows a broad group of investors to fund private companies, usually startups and SMBs. The popularity of this idea has skyrocketed after the SEC decided to open crowdfunding… Continue reading The age of Equity Crowdfunding