About Me

Hello! My name is Rachit Kejariwal. I graduated with an engineering degree but found my passion in business. I enjoy problem-solving and love working on complex challenges. In my spare time, I love watching TV (more than I would like to admit), reading books and listening to podcasts. I also enjoy skiing, swimming, board games and traveling.

I’m originally from India (a small town outside of Mumbai) and have lived away from home for the majority of my life. Apart from India I’ve lived in Atlanta, France, Jacksonville and New York.  After my graduation from Georgia Tech, I worked at Deutsche Bank and PwC.

I started this blog to reflect on my experiences and share my thoughts in various fields.I’ve played various roles in my career – engineer, business analyst, strategy consultant, fundraiser, and investor – and I hope to provide some insight from my experiences. I’d like to contribute to the ever-going dialog about business, entrepreneurship, and travel.

You can follow me on Twitter @rachitkejariwal or check my LinkedIn profile.